Replacement of Car Engine Oil By Vacuum

Sick of crawling underneath the car to un-tighten that nasty drain bolt to drain the engine oil? Think about using vaccum to suck out the engine oil instead ? This article tells how.

1. How?
Vacuum charged a container to suck out the engine oil from the oil dipstick hole. This hole is usually large enough to insert a flexible plastic tubing of size around 10-mm or ¼”.

2. Where Can I Find Vacuum Pump?
One can buy the pump from the store or just convert one from an electric tyre pump

3. How long it Would Take to Empty the Oil?
Around 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the suction tube.

4. Would this Remove all the Spent Oil?
It would remove the oil to an acceptable level. There were tests carried out to show that this method was better than the undercarriage draining method.

5. What’s Required ?
a) A vacuum pump capable of pulling a vacuum of about 4 psi or 200 mm or 9” of Hg;
b) A home-made container.

6. How to Make the Container?
a) Pick a round metal tin, large enough to hold the engine oil; round ones can withstand higher vacuum pressure;

b) Find 2 Nos 25 mm long hard plastic tube to suit the size of the the spent oil and the vacuum flexible plastic tubing;
c) Drill two holes on top and at opposite ends for the 2 hard plastic tubes;
d) Apply epoxy glue to fix the hard plastic tubes in place and also the metal cover of the tin;
e) (Optional) For the level gauge, make 2 Nos of 90 degree bend; drill 2 holes at the top and bottom of the can; glue them in place and fit a clear plastic tubing connecting the 2 bends.

Draining Engine Oil
1. Place the container close to the engine oil lipstick;
2. Connect up the 10-mm plastic tubing and insert it slowly into the lipstick hole until it has reached the bottom;
3. Hook up and turn-on the vacuum pump to start sucking the engine oil;
4. Meanwhile, carry out other chores like replacing the oil filters etc.

1. Empty the container from the oil inlet hole if necessary to prevent the overflow of the spent oil from reaching the vacuum pump.

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