To Embed Automated Gifs in Blog/Websites


Bloggers cannot embed automated GIFs in their articles because blogspot will convert them automatically to JPG. This article tells how to embed such automated GIF in a simple way.

What you will need?
Open a free account with PhotoBucket or any other server that one can use their scripts to download the GIF

Next Step
1. Upload the automated GIF to the PhotoBucket through this screen

2. One would soon see the GIF if one has uploaded the GIF successfully;

3. Now, copy the little html code to embed in the blog pages. There are 2 ways to copy the html code:

a) copy the code directly from the "HTML Code" shown beneath each GIF picture
The result is a GIF picture of original size. The GIF will be trancated if the GIF is of too big a size.

b) Select the button: "Generate HMTL and IMG code" and one would be greeted by the follow screen:

Select to copy the code either for displaying a thumbnail or a GIF of original size. Preview if necessary. To prevent GIF from trancated, it would be necessary to use thumbnail version for the side bars.

4. Place the copied code in the "Edit Html page" (Not Compose page) at a location where one wants the GIF to appear and Presto! one got the animated GIF embedded in one's website or blog.

5. If one prefers to embed the GIF in the side bar so that it could be displayed in any page of the blog, just follow the following instructions:

a) Goto the layout page and in the "Add and Arrange Page Element", select "Add a Page Element" then
b) In the "Choose a New Page Element" screen, select "Add HTML and JavaScript" and finally, add the html code in space provide as shown. Save changes and view the blog for results.


俊豪·Adrian said...

Thank you so MUCH!!
i finally can post animated gif onto my post!! so excited~!!

it makes my post live~~!!^^

Paul said...

Vielen Dank für diesen sehr information.The waren für mich nützlich. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren nächsten Beitrag lesen.Animationen