19 Sept 2008

Is Today's Gain the Highest in History?

Today's gain of about 6% is not the highest in STI history. The highest gain was recorded to be about 14% in 1998 when we have IMF and Asian Crisis. In 1998, we have about 8 days when market gained more than 5%. Then, STI fell 1,300 points from 2,240 on 17 Jan 96 to 827 on 4 Sept 98, roughly about 60% over a 2 1/2 year period.

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As for the losses, we have a record loss of about 10% on a black Monday in 1989. Record losses were also found in the 1997/98 crisis, when we have volatile trade with single day drop of more than 7% in 4 occasions. Note that we have the very first one of about 9% in this bear market. There may be more to come.

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