30 Sept 2008

Is 7% losses on 29 Sept 08 the Largest in DOW?

The losses of about 7% on 29 Sept 2008 is not the largest in DOW's history. The following table will show that there are about 18 times that DOW lose more 7% or more. The last time was in 17 Sept 2001 when DOW lose 7.13%, after the terrorist attack on 11 Sept 2001. Google showed that DOW had done 368 mil which is 150% of the average volume of 240 mil. on 29 Sept 2008.

As for the gains, there are about 19 times that DOW has gained more than 7% as shown in the following table. The last gain of larger size was in 21 Oct 87. That time DOW gained a hefty 10%.

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