26 Sept 2008

This is an interesting video that attempts to talk about how money was created and manipulated in the history of United States.
It is an old documentary made before 1996; but many points raised in the video are quite relevant in today's context.

Note that this video is about 3 hours long and the information contained therein have not been verified but it is entertaining. The video pointed out that it was meant only for educational purpose so that people would be aware of how US money was created and manipulated.

For those who just wanted to know about:

a) the Crash in October 1929 that was described in the video (about 5 minutes);
b) the Federal Reserve Board of United State is a quasi government organisation. It was said that Goldman Sac and Lehman Brothers are two of the stockholders. (10 minutes);
c) the Market Crash is not the Cause of a Recession (1.5 minutes)

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