Biggest Fall in DOW in a Week?

10 October 2008
DOW fell another 678 points in 9 October 2008 or about 7.4%. This makes the total fall to be more than 20% in 7 trading days, from 1 October to 9 October 2008 or about 1 week. Is this the biggest fall in DOW's history?

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Comparable Falls
There are 2 occasions where DOW fell for about 20% or more in 1 week.

1st Fall
The first was from 9 October 1987 to 19 October 1987. DOW fell from 2,516 to 1,738, a total of 778 points or more than 30%. That day on 19 October, the famous Black Monday, DOW registered the biggest fall of 22% in a single day. The market did not recover from this damage until 01 August 1989, about 2 years after the fall.

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2nd Fall
The second was from 13 May 1940 to 21 May 1940. DOW fell from 144 to 114 or about 30 points or about 21%. The market did not recover until 15 July 1943 or about 3 years later. This was in the midst of 2nd World War.

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The Biggest Fall
The biggest fall in the history of DOW has to be the fall during the great depression in 1932. Although this is not the biggest fall in a week, DOW fell by about 50% over a period of about 2 years. The market did not fully recovered until 1953 or about 20 years later.

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