Fundamentals of Some STI Counters

The table (click the dates) will show the fundamentals such as shareholders' fund, long term debts, liquidity ratio and other financial data of about 200 counters in STI. It will be published once by the end of every month when most companies have reported its earnings. If there are additional counters to be included, please email

1. 16 October 2008
2. 30 November 2008 30 November 2008(interactive-see note)

Information here is for sharing and learning. It is not intended to give any advice on any stock or movement or trend of any index. If a price or movment of a stock/index is given, it is only intended for illustration. The reader shall verify the information given here before using them.

Note: To use the interactive mode, one would need to download a add-in component for internet explorer from Microsoft website and one must also have Microsoft Excel 2003.

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