Installation Failures in Windows Live Messenger

5 November 2008

MSN Live Messenger is a free to use product that enables one to use internet to talk live over a webcam. Once installed, it is relative free and easy to use. However, the installation program is quite sensitive and a re-installation may not always be successful. One can try all tricks; cleaning up memory caches, internet temporary files, clean up Registry, clean all the files and all methods precribed, it just failed. This article will describe a method that has been successfully used under such conditions.

What happened?
There are many versions of what went wrong. One would get error code messages such as 0x80070643 or 0x80070057 or 0x8000ffff with scaring warnings such as "catastrophic failures", "major system failures" and other messages like "Windows Live Suite was not installed". After one has fixed all these errors, then come the sickening part; waiting for half an hour to get another “X Not installed” message, this time without any good help.

According to some forum discussions, the cause could be due to some parts or information of an older version still left in the harddisk or in the registry. Some said it had something to do with the "Windows Validity Checks" problems. The Live Message installer just could not get rid of these problems for some reason.

What to do next?
Carry out all the recommendation/advice given by Live Messager Installer
a) Making sure that one has the required capacity in the hard disk
b) Clean the internet files by using Internet Explorer's Tools/Internet option, then click "delete files"
c) Clean the harddisk by clicking start/run, then in the dropdown box, enter "cleanmgr"(without quotes) and select the default drive (C:) and clean all necessary files
d) Go to Control panel and click icon "Add/Remove program" and remove all the files associated with "Windows live" or "Live Messenger" programs
e) Download this Windows Installer CleanUp Utility program and run it. If the program does not self start, run it by clicking Start-> All Programs-> Windows Install Clean Up.

After starting up the Windows Installer CleanUp, delete all the programs that are associated with Windows Live Messenger, be it mail, tool bars, photo gallery or any other program. Search through the program names; sometimes, "Windows live" are used and hidden behind some program names. Go through the program lines one by one.

f) Download and run this full version Windows Live Messenger 8.1 from the MS website or this site (18 MB). This full version program will bypass most of the checks required normally.


1. If one were to fail to install the Windows Live Messenger using the full version installer, try to reboot the computer after having cleared the check boxes temporary in the startup tab of the MSconfig program. Thereafter, install the full version Live Messenger installer again after the starting up. There is a possibility that some 3rd party drivers or the old messenger programs could have started up during booting and could have affected the installation process. To uncheck the boxes in MSconfig:

  • Click Start/run and in the dropdown box, enter "msconfig"(without quote) and click ok. In the Startup tab, note down and remember which check boxes have been ticked and untick those check boxes.
  • Remember to replace the ticks of the check box after the successful installation of the Live Messenger

2) If the installation fails again, search through the program files folder (c:\program files) and delete

  • Messenger folder
  • Windows Live Messenger folder
  • Any other folders e.g Live Messenger Toolbox
  • if necessary, use Regseeker to clean up registry that has named after "Windows live" & "MSN Messenger" or "Messenger". A free copy of the Regseeker can be downloaded here.
  • Re-install the program again after a fresh startup.

3) One can try to install the following Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Full Version also:

    a) Microsoft Window Live Messenger 8.0 from here
    b) Microsoft Window Live Messenger 2008 (8.5.1) from here.
    c) Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2009 (9.0) from here.

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