Repair Spin Mop or Magic Mop

14 December 2010

IntroductionMagic mop or 360 degree mop are spin mops. The earlier model has a foot pedal with gearing system that will spin the cage as the pedal is being “pumped”. This article will describe how to repair this kind of spin mop.

How Spin Mop works?The spin mop has a set of gearing system. When the pedal is stepped on, it will spin the centrifugal cage. The heart of the system is a “one way bearing” that allow the force to be transmit to the shaft of the centrifugal cage.

This bearing has about 8 small little needle bearings in it that are arranged to “lock” the gear to the shaft whenever a force is applied to turn the gear. As soon as the force is removed or when one stops the pedal “pumping”, the needle bearings will “unlock” themselves, allowing the centrifugal cage to continue spinning freely with the “one way bearing” now acting as a normal bearing. The animation of the “one way bearing” can be found here

What Can Go Wrong?
After some use, these little needle bearings will wear out and no longer able to “lock” the gearing system to the shaft of the centrifugal cage. The centrifugal cage will stop spinning.

What can be done?a) Dismantle the gearing mechanism

1. Unscrew the 4 screws that attach the gearing block from the pail

2. Remove the small pinion gear that is attached to the shaft

3. Remove the "one way bearing" by knocking the old one out

4. Replace the “one way bearing”. Check to rotate the shaft by hand to ensure the correct direction of the bearing before inserting the bearing. The “one way bearing” will not work if it is inserted in the wrong direction.  It may be necessary to put the bearing back on to the shaft to test the rotation just to be sure.
5. Re-assemble the gearing block.

After Note:

How to remove the Bearing from its Housing

First remove as many old bearing needles from the housing using a small watch screw driver as shown

then put the gear over the vice with a gap that will allow the old bearing to be knock out lightly  using a small screw driver and a hammer,  aiming at the rim of the bearing housing space left over by the needle bearings.   When the bearing is on its way out,  grip it by the vice.  A twisting motion will remove the bearing.


Jessie ng said...

I purchase the Spin and Go a year ago and have the same problem you mentioned. Can I know where I can purchase the "one way bearing" Thank you

Jessie ng said...

I have the same problem, can you let me know when I can obtained the bearing you mentioned in Singapore. Thank you

Sky Juice said...

Some asked where can get the bearings. They are available from any motor shop that sell motor or other bearings. Search through shops in Pioneer Motor Workshop

Brenton Trevor said...

I have the same problem and tried to do as you advised, but I can not "knock" the old bearing out as it seems to be completely sealed inside the pinion gear. So how did you manage to extract the bearing from the pinion gear ? Thank you very much for your reply.

joeeoj said...

What about the sliding gear? Mine has lost 4 teeth. can I find these gears ?

Sky Juice said...

Brenton, sorry for the late reply. Can remember how I knocked out the bearing..since you are going to have new bearing, clamp or make vice just large enough for shaft to go through then knock down the bearing. Alternatively, can try adjustable spanner acting as a vice but will need something to hold the spanner.

Sky Juice said...

Sorry to hear that. It will be a bit tricky to repair the broken teeth in sliding gear. Try to find one from other old spin mop

Anonymous said...

i love my mop but i cant fix it. i have the one that has the spining thing inside the bucket snd the rince thing on top of the bucket. the inside one stop spining.. what can i do? how can i fix it? anyone?

PauRpo said...

I go the spin mop with the plastic pedal and I was wondering if there is a way to protect the pedal or to avoid it got broke by applying more force than the pedal could handle. Please let me know if you have any idea, I read that any users had this issue and I was searching but had no answer.

Chandra Sekhar Raj said...

Usually the problem rise out of the spinning rod, not by the clutch bearing. Because bearing material is steel where as the spinning rod worn out by the hard steel needle. Diameter of the spinning rod is very critical and should be accurate to rotate in one direction.First try to fill the worn out area in the rod or change the new rod with accurate size .

Chandra Sekhar Raj said...
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Gopi Nath Choudhary said...

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JayMar 1943 said...

The idea of these Hurricane Mops is great but they are crap and break easily. I have bought two in the last 6 month and, again, they do work fine as a mop, but very poorly manufactured. Not buying another one, parts are not available, even the one-way bearing which would solve my problem.

christina G. said...

Just a added note make sure the pedal and gears all stay greased I've had 6 between me and family and all broke except my latest one of over 2 yrs i hope it extends y'alls life of use as well i l9ve mine and with fibromyalgia and lupus mines a must have