Turning Off Windows CE ActiveSync

9 August 2011


Many smartphones and mobile devices use Windows CE Mobile 6.1 and the likes as operating system. Many users of these devices have experienced one common problem; the ActiveSync program will run every few minutes in the background. This program drains battery power.

How To Detect?

Goto Task Manager. ActiveSync will turn on and run every few minutes after one has cleared and stopped it.

How to Remove This ?

There are few methods being circulated in the Net but the correct method is to modify the Registry of the mobile devices.

Would This Affect the Auto-Synchronizing?
No. However, there may be a need to start Windows Mobile Centre in the PC or NoteBook first before plugging in the USB cables.

What are the Steps?

1. Download PHM Registry Editor from here or the correct version from SKTools

2. Copy the cab files to the mobile devices after having a connection and install. One should see the PHM icon under "Program" ;

3. Run PHM Registry Editor ;

4. Click “Tool” and also “Find” to bring up the Find screen;

5. Click Keys, Values and Data checkboxes and click “Find Next”

6. Program will find “KeepAlive” element; double click it to bring up the editing screen;

7. In the Editing screen, change the Value Data from 1 to 0 and close the screen;

8. Done

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