How to Keep Bicycle Tires Inflated?

17 May 2013


We own 8 bicycles.  Adults will use them to commute to MRT and nearby sundry shops; the kids use them for leisure riding.  There is a problem having to inflate these bicycles as the tires will go flat after a week or so.  The article will present a simple and effective method that will keep tires inflated for months.

Why Tires Go Flat?

Just like a balloon,  most bicycle tire rubbers are thin and porous and has tiny microscopic pores that allow air to escape over time.  Sometimes,  air will leak through the valve stem which should not have happened if the valve is new. 

How to Prevent?

To seal the microscopic pores.   The author has tried various methods like using diluted white glues,  liquid glues and combination of other chemicals but found it most effective to use liquid sugar.

How to Prepare?

One will need the following:

1)  A 30 mls plastic container

2) A 5 ml syringe holder

3) A valve opener


Preparing Sugar Solution

Place about 6 tea spoon to a cup and add about 25 mls of hot water,  stir till sugar is completely dissolved; the solution should be sticky but flowable;

Using the syringe holder,  suck up as much solution as possible and inject into the tire tube as shown.


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manu said...

good idea. i should try this out.