DIY Air Filtering Face Mask

20 June 2013


When the PSI reading goes above 200,  it will be good to wear a face mask even at home unless one has a proper and efficient air filtering system in the room. What happen if you and the stores run out of face mask?  It is happening now in Singapore.

DIY a Face Mask

For ladies,  they could have used their  bra but for most,  it is better to find other materials.  One of them is the non woven electrostatic fibre paper that has been used extensively for  floor cleaning. Tissue paper can be alternative source but they are too fragile to handle.


Whats Needed? 

1.                  A box of electrostatic fibre paper easily available from any convenience store @ SGD$1/=

2.                  Four rubber bands

How to Construct?

Take one sheet of fibre paper and fold it in halve.  Tie two rubber band together in a link and tie the rubber to the end of the paper.  Wear it with one end of the rubber band to the ear.

If needed be,  insert a trash bag tie and staple it to the top of the mask for closing up the gap between the paper and the nose.. 

Adjust the length of the rubber band to suit comfort wearing..  If one layer of paper is not sufficient,  use 2 layers.

Disclaimers:  These are not proper substitute for commercial face mask.  The method is untested.  It is intended only for emergency use when one runs of face mask in the stores.

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