How To Conceal Car Camera Wirings

20 June 2013


Car camera is a plenty nowadays in the market.  They are cheap around SGD$50/=. It has quick to become an essential piece of equipment but unfortunately,  the camera must be retrofitted as it is a non-standard item for most cars.

What are the Installation Problems?

One problem is how to conceal the "long and black" cable that is getting electricity supply from the cigarette lighter.  Many have run the cable exposed as shown which is quite unsightly.

How to Conceal?

Fortunately,  most cars today are fitted with loose panels and ceiling board so that they can be easily removed or interiors accessed without having to tear them down.  This article will use 2011 Toyota Yaris Spirit as an example to illustrate how the wiring can be concealed.


Step by Step

1.  First,  remove the windscreen side panel


The side panel is held in place by two bottom clip and special clip on top as shown
To remove,  first use finger to pry open the side panel at the top to expose the special clip.
Then twist the base of the special clip so that the hook is in-lined with the slot of the side panel for the panel to be pulled out sideway. 

Remove the side panel, paying special attention not to damage the air bag assembly for the side windows

2.  Remove the instrument subcover

Remove the 2 screws and pull the cover down to release the 2 catch as shown.  This will expose the interior parts above the clutch and the brake panel

3. Thread wires through opening

Thread the wire through the opening as shown below.  Note that the author has a specially made cable and a box to house other electronics;  otherwise,  the stock cable can just be run through here to the cigarette lighter without mounting the box.

4.  Fixing wire to instrument sub cover

 The cable can be run across the instrument sub cover and fix in position by bluetac as shown. 

5. Running cable along the roof

The cable that run across the roof and can be hide inside the roof by prying open the edge of the ceiling board using just fingers. 

6.  Assembly back components

Reverse the dismantling process to reinstate all components back to their original position

7.  Completed Wiring

The completed wiring installation is as shown below.


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