A Review of a Cost Effective and Economical Web Camera from Q0010

26 April 2014
Bought this webcam for about SGD$20 from Q0010  to replace the Creative webcam which was used for about 8 years. 

The Package

The package came with a box neatly bubble wrapped.  Inside the box,  the camera was protected again by another bubble wrap and inserted between a folded carton paper for total protection against any shock.  There are 2 Chinese explanation notes,  scantily written. 


The Camera

The camera,  measured about 30mm in diameter,  is about 50mm long.  It has a 1.5 metres long cable attached with a USB plug at the end.  The holding clip is a non-spring acrylic clamp which is used to sit on top of the laptop or monitor screen.    It claimed to have 8.0 megapixel of resolution.


The Software

The package does not contain any software.  It just mentions that for XP computer,  there is an icon for “USB Video Device” in “My Computer”.  As for Windows 8,  Windows 7 and Vista operating system,  one would have to download from (remember not https) which is a Chinese website.  In there,  it recommended to  select “服务支持,  then“驱动下载” and select the desire program.  However,  none of the programs worked on both of my computers after it was “unrar” by WINRAR.   Fortunately,   one can download the software called “AMCap” from other website such as CNET


Using Skype

For those who are using Skype,  the set up is automatic.  No software or drivers will be required.  However,  it is recommended to plug in the camera before starting Skype.  If that does not work,  it would be necessary to re-start the computer for the camera to be first detected as a USB device. 

If your computer already has another webcam,  Skype will offer one to select which webcam to choose.  To choose the webcam,  one must log into Skype and select an account.  Using the “call” tab to select “Video”, then “Video Setting”.   A window will open allowing one to select "USB webcam" to use.   One might want to explore to set the webcam by selecting “webcam setting” and then adjust the “Hue” especially to give the correct coloring.  Wearing a red colored T-shirt will help in the color adjustment.  Save the set up when one exits the setup. 
One should also proceed to set up the audio by selecting “Audio settings” and then in the Microphone section,  select “Microphone (USB Microphone).  After that again save the set up before one exits.

    Technical Specifications 

ANC 720P
Creative VF0407
Asus Eee  PC 901
Plug and Play
Plug and install driver
Video calls
640 x 480
640 x 480
Video Capture
Up to 1600x1200 pixels
Up to 800x600
Photo size
Interpolated to 12 mega pixels
Interpolated to 1.3 mega pixels
1.3 megapixel
USB 2.0
Frame rate
Up to 30fps
30 fps
Light source
Min 10 lux
Operating system
Win 8,  Win7, Win XP,  Win 2003 and Win 2000.  No drivers required
Win 8, Win 7 Win XP:  Driver required
Built-in noise-cancellation digital microphone
Built-in microphone


Compare to both the Creative VF0407 and Asus EeePC901,  the Aonic/ANC 720p has some obvious clarity as shown in the following pictures.  

Between the Creative Live Cam on the left and the Aonic 720P on the right,  one can see that the Aonic has much more better resolution and the picture is clearer.
Between the Asus Eee PC 901 on the left and the Aonic 720P on the right,  one could also see a slight improvement in picture quality but not so great.   It would appear that the Aonic 720P has about the same pixel resolution as the Asus which has an interpolated  1.3 megapixel.

     Other Features

The camera came with a push button on-top of the webcam for adjusting the color as well as switching on the black and white or inverting the video for different video effects. The webcam also has an automatic brightness adjustment but the focus is manual by mean of twisting around the ring of  the len.


     Likes and Dislikes 


a)     Better picture quality;

b)    Lightweight

c)     Elegant looking;  more like a CCTV


     2.     Dislikes

a)     The clamp obviously not working well and webcam can only be “sitting” and not clamping on the monitor or notebooks.  It is obviously not designed for notebook application

b)    Like Creative,  the manual focus makes it not suitable for other applications.


If one is looking for a cost effective and reasonably good webcam,  this will be the one recommended.

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