Unique Digital Clock with 4 functions

24 July 2014

This unique looking digital clock sold by IKEA Singapore for less than SGD$5/= has 4 functions;  it has a digital clock,  an alarm,  a digital temperature and a digital timer.   It is made in China and called KLOCKIS. 


The Construction and usage 

The clock measured  about 70 mm square and 30 mm thick.  It requires 2 AA size battery for operation.    The current draw is as follows  

Working Display with  LED light off: 7 to 13 uA

With LED light on : 8-15 mA

Alarm : 22 mA 

Therefore,   a set of  battery should last for a few months if it is not often used as an alarm clock. 

The 4 functions are as marked in the clock surface and the functions are selected accordingly when the marked function is at the top.  The LED light will change color  momentarily for each display,  red for clock,   blue for temperature,   green for timer and light blue for alarm. 

The Timer
The Clock
The Temperature

The Alarm Clock
The clock has only 2 setting buttons at the back, one for setting the digital and the other for adjusting the display.  The button only allows forward adjustment.   

The alarm will set off in any display function once it is set.  There is no alarm button to silence the alarm.  The alarm can be silenced by turning the clock from one function to another.  


This clock is useful in the kitchen,  bedroom and in fact anywhere. For SGD4.90,  there will be many satisfied customers.

User Manual

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