TW64 Smart Bracelet

7 May 2015

There are many different types of smart bracelets in the market.  The most common ones are branded under Fitbit,  Garmin,  Xiaomi but the most popular one appears to be a brandless bracelet called TW64.

What is a Smart Bracelet? 

Smart bracelet is nothing but an electronic counter that can be connected to the handphone and/or computer through a Bluetooth network for data logging. Various brands have come up with different functions  for such  bracelets.  Most use it to count the number of walking steps.  Others use the counter to work out calories consumed,   sleeping movements,  time alarms etc.  Many bracelets have a built-in time clock enabling the bracelet to be used also as a watch.   The more sophisticated ones like FitBit has in-built a height sensor,  enabling proper logging of step countings,  up and down a staircase.

What's Good About Smart Bracelet? 

1.  It takes record of your foot step, It will always help you to "challenge" your own self that you can always make longer and longer walk.   The recommended daily walking step is 10,000 steps for a healthy person according to American medical research institutions.  Once one has taken exercising to be a daily routine and walk or run  10,000 steps,  one would feel very uneasy to stop walking
2.  If the bracelet counting is website based, it will enable your bracelet to be "monitored" by the vendor like FitBit.  One might be able to use the records to get premium discount from some Health Insurance Companies.

What is TW64 and why it is popular? 

TW64 has been marketed under several brand names.  It has a twin 64K RAM and a 64K ROM all inside a Quintic 2021 system-on-microprocessor chip (SOC) which consumes ultra low power.  The abbrev "TW" could stand for the word TWIN.  TW64 is popular because it is one of the most affordable bracelet that has almost every function of the more expensive cousins.      

What are the main functions?

  1. A 24 hours clock with running dates and a battery counter
  2. A pedometer that registers walking step counting which is used to calculate the distance traveled and the calories burnt.
  3. Other functions such as vibration reminder,  alarms,  sleep monitoring etc


The chip,  Quintic 9021,  is enclosed inside a plastic casing measuring about 17mmx40mmx10mm.  The back case can be easily removed by 4 small screws to expose the inside electronic as shown.  Unlike other bracelets  it  allows the battery to be replaced.


Like any other smart bracelet,  one can synchronise TW64 to the Android or Apple handphones through bluetooth using a free software called "MOVNOW plus", downloadable from Google Playstore or Apple Store.    Unlike Fitbit or other more sophisticated smart bracelet,   MOVNOW is not web-based and therefore,  could only be synchronised using handphones.


The TW64 was tested with a full charge and compared it against a Fitbit Flex by wearing them together on the same wrist as shown.

The sets are then taken for a 6 km walk and the results are compared as shown

It can be seen that TW64 and Fitbit Flex have quite similar step counting.  It is well within the 10% error range.

The Battery and capacity 

The battery is a lithium-ion polymer type of either 40mAH or 60 mAH capacity. The test set came with a 60mAH battery and the vendor claimed it is able to handle  at least 7 days usage and 100 days standby.  After 5 days’ testing,  the test set still have 3/5 of the charge as indicated by the battery indicator.

Pros and Cons

  1. It is very affordable,  priced around SGD$20/= including shipping from Q0010
  2. It is not bad looking.  The bracelet material feels like silicone and has a look like FitBit Charge or other more sophisticated and expensive model
  3. Long lasting battery that can be used for 7 days or more on a 60 mAH battery
  4. Can be used as a watch
  5. The battery is replaceable
  6. Can be used without the handphone

  1. The software is not web-based and therefore,  the data loggings or recordings might not be accepted by Health Insurance company for any discount in health premiums
  2. The vibrator is soft and the vibration might not wake up some heavy sleeper ;  moreover,  the wake up alarm will sound only once.
  3. It is only splash proof;  meaning,  cannot be worn for swimming.
  4. Must synchronise to the phone regularly or the data would be lost. However,  the bracelet can store some data over nights for next synchronisation.

Things to watch out when buying TW64 

  1. There are many brands offering various model of TW64.  Some are older model that can only used for older Android phones or iphones that have Bluetooth of 3.0 or lower
  2. Go for TW64 which has 60 mAH battery as the battery will last longer. 

Things to watch out when using TW64 

  1. The weakest part is the 3 charging contacts.  Clean them every time with a paper tissue after each long walk to get rid of the sweat.
  1. Do not wear it for swimming though there is no problem wearing it during showers.  

QN902X Application Notes

The application notes on QN902X can be found here


Saul said...

Thank you for this review. On the picture - the number of the Quintic chip is 2021. Isn't this a typo? I cannot find this chip, but can find 9021 (acquired by NXP in 2014)


Sky Juice said...

Thanks. You are correct, a typo, should read 9021

Anonymous said...

can i use on windowsphone ?

Eric said...

Thanks, very good technical and user review!

Haley Stone said...

Hi. I own a TW64 smart watch, but I don't know how to start the sleep mode. Any suggestions?

LoveV. said...

HI do you know how to change time and date? I just can not figure it out?

Anonymous said...

How to know whether it's fully charged?

Unknown said...

Hi do you know how to reset pedomitor back to 0.

Unknown said...

Hi do you know how to reset pedomitor back to 0.

Sky Juice said...

Start sleep mode, change date and time will need to use their software. Download and activate the sleep mode and change date etc, after that, do a synchronization.

Sky Juice said...

To reset the pedomitor back to 0, think will have to let the battery runs out by leaving the tracker idle for over 1 week without charging. Unfortunately, there is no reset button though there is reset line available in the microprocessor

Zoe said...

How do I get my watch to say the actual time and date as I can't find it anywhere

José Eduardo Romero Solís said...

I bought a tw64 online, they send it from Singapore, after a month and two weeks it arrive. I have to travel this weekend and the smart band turn off. When I return home I plug it to my phone charger for a night but it doesn't wake up. What can I do?

Brittany Davis said...

Hi! Great review!
Is there a way to link with other users of this bracelet or fitbit users to challenge each other or track our steps? Thanks for your help.

Ramiro Ureta said...

Cant get the sleep mode on.i changed time,date, but i cant. Help plz, i can only use movnow plus

Anonymous said...

Hi, have you tried to wear this device in a pocket instead on a wrist? If yes - was it still quite accurate in counting steps or not?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody help me with the sleep mode, I can't activate it, I use movnow plus.

Tmv said...

Just recently bought via Groupon, I can't get the sleep information to register on the iPhone and I can't reset the pedometer I am so disappointed , can anyone help please

Tmv said...

I just bought via Groupon and I cannot reset the pedometer on the watch and I cannot get the sleep part of the App to give any information.
Really disappointed can anyone help ( I am using and iPhone)

Anonymous said...

This smart bracelet constantly vibrates. I can not stop it!!! Help

Rent to Kill said...

Sorry, can you help me? I just bought tw64, and i have a problem with pairing the tw64 with my xperia m2 (running on android 5.1.1) the second problem is with the apps. In the manual giude say i must download getfit apps, the problem is so many apps under the name getfit.
I try download movnow plus and veryfit 2.0 and still can't connect to my tw64

And 1 more problem when i try pairing my xperia m2 with tw64, it asking the code. I try 0000 or 1234 as the suggest it, but it say the code is incorrect.

I really appriciate if you can help me with my problem. Thanks before

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any experience with changing the time from military to standard?

C Davis said...

I have one that the sleep mode activates when you press and hold the button

C Davis said...

Mines sleep mode activates when you press and hold the button

Anonymous said...

The sleep mode is auto detect. To sync the sleep duration, in the sleep screen of Movnow Plus swipe down the screen and let go. The steps and sleep counter have to synchronise separately by swipping down the screen.


How do change battery?

Anonymous said...

good afternoon my smart bracelet when you start to load starts to vibrate and no stops vibrating and the display lights never can do

Maria said...

Hi my battery went COMPLETELY flat and when it recharged it did not reset the date and time. How do I get the correct date and time to show.....thanks...M

Maria said...

Hi How do I get the correct time and date back on my watch face. My battery went completely flat and when it charged the date and time did not reset. thanks Maria

Claire Anderson said...

I cannot pair my iPhone 7 to either getfit or Movnow plus. Therefore the watch is useless as it displays the wrong time and date and won't even show up on my desktop. Help before I throw it away.

M13A77 said...

I found an guide online that says the pass code is 1111. Try that.

Ganesh Yellampati said...


Ganesh Yellampati said...

how to reboot my TW64 and reset new data

Ganesh Yellampati said...

how to reboot my TW64 and delete all the data and reset

Anonymous said...

How to switch on Bluetooth in the smart band? It first showed the Bluetooth symbol and now it is not showing the symbol. I'm not able to refresh its data in my phone without Bluetooth

FionaMurray said...

I'm having trouble connecting to the bracelet. How do you reset it? I can't seem to pair it regardless of what I do with my phone.

Stephen said...

I got one of these as a freebie about 6 months ago and love it. It works great and is comparable with my wife's Fitbit Charge, though the TW64 battery lasts much longer. I charge mine in my car on the way to work when I'm not walking and not recording anything.

To help with the issues mentioned above, go to your phone's app store and install "VeryFit 2.0 Heart Rate". It works best of all the apps for this watch. Once sync'd all functions are available through the app.

To get it to show time you have to sync it to the app. However, if you don't have the app or have an old phone that can't run the app (my son's phone is too old a version of Android), then syncing with plain bluetooth (without the app) should sync the time/date, but no other functions will work without the app control. It then functions as a watch. One thing we noticed is that the nice feature where it lights up the display when you turn your wrist towards you to see it is only turned on with the app. Syncing to just bluetooth (no app) sets time/date but you have to push the button to read it.

Starting/stopping sleep mode is done by holding in the watch's only button. When working with the app, the data collected automatically resets after midnight, so steps are zeroed. Sleep data persists through the next day until sync'd.

To make the app sync with the watch, drag the top of the screen down (notice the tiny arrow). That starts the data sync. Took me an age to find/notice that method.

Settings such as wrist flick, sedentary alarm, lost phone alarm, call or text notifications, are all turned on or off in the app. None will work until turned on in the app and the phone sync'd. The app gives an accurate battery percentage.

The watch can only be reset through the app. That resets everything to zero and then sets the sate/time. I've only had to do this twice when the watch seemed to freeze. Without the app you either let the battery run out or take it apart (not advised) to disconnect the battery.

That's about it. Hope this helps. For the price it's an amazing device and really helps me monitor my activity and sleep.

Anonymous said...

How do you change the time and date? Plz Help!...��

Anonymous said...

You press and hold the button down

Anonymous said...

Press and hold the button

IP67 said...

Really informative post. Nice to also see inside a fitness tracker. Note: These days you can get fitness trackers that are "more" waterproof. They are using the IP67 standard, which means you can use them for swimming but can only go to a max depth of 1 meter.

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Anonymous said...

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