Windows 10 Startup Problem After Changing Components

 27 November 2015


After one has changed some components in the computer with Windows 10,   one may encounter start up problem;  for example,  after changing the keyboard or mouse,  the keyboard or mouse will not work after startup and might just get hanged.   Do not panic,  this article will explain why and what you should do next


The OS has the “Fast Startup” function turned-on when you shutdown.  It saved the startup  data to a file called hiber.sys. When one starts Windows the next time,  it will simply load the startup data without verifying so as to speed up the starting.  Unfortunately,  the data of the new components one has just installed were not saved.

How To Regain Control?

  1. Restart the computer,  this time select “restart”  instead of “shutdown”.  

But when one  changes keyboard or mouse, it might not be possible to select “restart”,  then

  1. Enter into BIOS setup at startup (consult the manual,  usually press DEL or F2 key) ,  then select “Save and Exit”

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