How to Back Up Windows’ Registry Permanently

11 December 2015

1.0  Introduction

Windows XP and other later Windows OS have built in restore function which one can save a copy of the PC’s registry and restore the PC to its previous condition should something go wrong with the OS.    Unfortunately,  this function can store and keep a copy of the registry provided one has allowed adequate storage; otherwise,  one would lost the earlier copies as they will be overwritten without any notification.   This article will provide a simple solution using a free software called “RegBak”. 

2.0    Where to Download

Can download from here  It has been used by many and no bug or virus has been reported. 

3.0    What is Required

3.1    Starting up

Install Regbak and fire up,  one should be greeted by this screen,  click NEXT   
It will bring to a confirmation and backup page where one can backup the registry into the designated folder

3.2    Restoring Registry (Using Windows 8 or 10 as example)

3.2.1    One can boot into Windows

Either in Safe mode or normal windows,  navigate to “Windows\regbak” folder and select the date.  Then click “REGRES.CMD”. Restart the PC.

3.2.2    One cannot boot into Windows Windows 8,  8.1 or Windows 10

1)  Startup Windows Repair DVD.  Navigate to “Advance Option” and select “Command Prompt”.

2)      In the  Command Prompt,  type “D:” (without quotes;  same for all)  to change Directory to “D:” then type “cd windows\Regbak\” to navigate to the Regbak folder
3)      Open up the folder by typing “DIR/W” at the Command Prompt.  One should find the required backup folder,  for example “2010-10-23”
4)      Navigate to that backup folder by typing “cd 2010-10-23” and do another “DIR/W” to find the backup files, "REGRES.CMD"
5)      Type “REGRES.CMD” to run the program
6)      Restart the computer. Windows 7 

When starting windows,  press space bar continuously and then press F8 as instructed until the follow screen shows up

 Click "Repair Your Computer",  follow the instructions until the following screen shows up

Click "Command Prompt" and following para  2)- 6) to restore the registry.

4.0  Safe Keeping of Backup Folder

      Safe keeping of the backup folder or files in another hard disk or a CD by copying the Regbak   folder and files from Windows\regbak folder.  In case of emergency repair,  just restore the Regbak folder and start the Registry restoration,  the PC will be back to its previous condition.

5.0  What will be missing?

This method of restoration will not be as powerful as Windows' system restore as it saves only a copy of the Registry. It will not check and restore missing programs for example. 

Unless one's PC is having hardware or disk problem, most likely one can restore your PC to its previous conditions without having to lose your files or information or reformat your drives except one cannot restore those programs or information that one has deleted from the drives.


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