Sunday, 27 January 2008

Car Air-Conditioning Compressor Repair

The car's air-conditioning compressor has just failed. The mechanic quoted about S$700 for the repair including the replacement of filter and the Expansion valves. What to do next?


1. Can I trust this mechanic? 

The mechanic is probably right. The cost of the repair is also reasonable. You have just checked with the other shops; 

2. Have I been taken for a ride? 

After the repair, the air-conditioning worked fine for a year or two; then, the second compressor failed suddenly. One soon realizes that he has been taken for ride.

3. How to avoid?

Compressor usually has a life span of more than 8 years. It failed in the first instance because there was not enough lubrication. The second new compressor failed again because of improper repairs.

It is unlikely that one could tell if the mechanic had carried out a proper repair job because the air-conditioner performed well; also, common instrument won't tell the difference. However, one could avoid this kind of shoddy work done by observing and listening to what the mechanic has to say about the repair.

Assess the Mechanic by Observation

 1. Observe and find out what tools and equipment that the mechanic has owned. If he does not own a air-conditioning flushing machine, most likely he is not fit to replace the compressor. This is because when the compressor failed, it will send “sprinkles “ or tiny bits of iron chip, all over the air conditioning system. These sprinkles must be removed;

2. Observe if the mechanic keeps his tools and instrument tidy and clean and that he has calibrated his equipment regularly.

This will tell the differences between a Professional and a non-Professional.

3. Find out if he has repeated customers; however, this might not be a good indication alone because many customers are more looking for cheaper repairs;

Assessment by Listening

He could have said:-
a) “We do not own flushing machine but we use air compressor and cleaning fluid to flush the system”; then he added that “we have done this for hundblacks of car. No problem”. Most likely, he has been using non-approved method to carry out the work.

b) “We will dismantle the components one by one and blow the sprinkles out using air compressor”. Avoid this mechanic as sprinkles stuck to the oil surfaces are not easily to be removed by air compressor alone; also, there is a lot of hard work to dismantle each and every component;

c) “There is no need to flush…”; then, better walk out on him and put your car in another better hand.

The Experience

The author recently replaced his air-conditioning compressor DIY. He found many old and rusty sprinkles after flushing the Evaporator. These sprinkles could have been left sitting in the Evaporator for years and some of which could have found its way to the compressor to cause the earlier compressor failure.

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