Monday, 5 May 2014

Transcend SSD340 Review

5 May 2014

Got this 256 GB Transcend Solid State Drive for a Samsung Laptop R440.  Q0010 has a price tag of $159/= and it was delivered within 3 days. 

The Package 

The SSD was packed inside a hard paper envelope.  It contained a 3.5” mounting bracket and some screws.  There was no installation CD except for a mult-language quick installation guide that has little information about the installation procedures.  It tells something about how to upgrade the desktops and nothing about upgrading of laptops.

Software for Hard Disk Cloning

This is one of the most important steps.  To clone the existing hard disk will require special software.  Without any CD and explanation,  I instinctly used the "Acronic" cloning software to clone of the existing hard disk. This required me to dismantle the existing hard disk from the laptop and mounted it as an external USB hard disk together with the Transcend 340 as another USB hard disk.  The cloning process was smooth and all done within 1.5 hours for about 200GB worth of existing data transferred. The start-up also went without a hitch. Windows 7 started up with a 20 seconds from pressing of the start button.

Only when everything was completed,  I saw a little note on the side of the box saying that there is system clone software available from the Transcend website.


The Samsung R440 has an i5 CPU running @ 2.4 GHz and this laptop has an installed memory of 4 GB and runs on a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system.

Comparing the start up timing,  one can see that Transcend SSD is much faster than  the original Samsung HM321.  The Transcend started up all within 20 seconds whereas Samsung hard disk took about 3 times as much time to start up the same Windows 7 laptop.

In term of ASSSD measurement,  one can see that Transcend 340 is 6 times as fast in turn of read and write capabilities as shown in the attached pictures.
The Transcend Software

The Transcend Software that can be downloaded free is called “SSD scope”.  It has about 6 functions as shown below.   Again,  there isn’t much explanation on how to use the software and I found only the “TRIM check" useful besides the “system clone” which I presumed is for cloning of the hard disk of the laptop.  It may allow one to clone the hard disk by mounting the SSD as an external hard disk.


Most 256 GB SSD in the market cost more than SGD$200.  Although the  performance of Transcend SSD 340 might not be as good as those “bigger brothers”,   one should not notice much performance differences without comparing the SDDs side by side.   For a cost of $159/=,  there should be satisfied customers especially when the price come with a 3-years warranty plan plus a free 4GB thumb drive.

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