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Monday, 18 July 2016

How to Reset a Gigabyte MotherBoard BIOS

18 July 2016


Many users are aware that Gigabyte motherboard has two identical BIOS onboard;  one for operation and the other for backup.  May be due to having this redundancy,  the operating BIOS tends to be corrupted easily when there is a:

  1. Hardware Failure e.g Faulty RAMs
  2. Power shut down during BIOS update process
  3. Improper Overclocking settings
  4. Virus attack

What Happened After a BIOS Corruption?

PC will not start up properly.  It will either
  1. start up with fans spinning and stopping soon  thereafter or continue to spin until the PC turns itself off and restart  or
  2. start up but will enter into BIOS straightaway. Savings and Exits will not fix the problem. 
  3. The screen may or may not start with a PC logo and then disappears with a blank screen 
There may be also other syndromes.

How to fix

There are 4 methods,  depending on the severity of the BIOS corruption

Method 1:  Power on and power off

  1.   Shut off the power supply(by turning off the main switch). Wait for 10 seconds.
  2.   Press and hold PC Power On button and then turn on  the power supply.
  3.   Release the PC Power On button once the PC  starts. 
  4.   Shut off the power supply as quickly as possible thereafter.  
  5.   Turn the power supply back on 
  6.   Start PC as usual using Power on button

Method 2: Resetting the BIOS

  1. Shut off the power supply and wait 10 seconds 
  2. Press PC Power on button  and PC Reset button all at the same time for about 10 seconds
  3. Release the buttons thereafter and turn on the power supply on to start the PC as normal

Method 3: Resetting the CMOS

The mechanical method of method 2 except to apply the jumper or remove the CMOS battery to clear the CMOS settings This method may require the removal of the board as the jumper might be difficult to locate; the alternative is to remove the cmos battery and wait for 10-15 seconds for cmos setting to be cleared

Method 4: Force Backup BIOS to be restored

When the above 3 methods failed, this last trick should work if the backup BIOS is in order.  However,  this
method should be used only as last resort by experienced technician and at one's own risk

  1. Remove the motherboard as this method cannot easily  be done with motherboard still in the case 
  2. Hook up the power supply unit, the speaker cable (important to listen to the beep sound) and the monitor cable; remove all except the 1st row of RAMs 
  3. Find a tweezer with very sharp pointers; sharpen it if necessary to make it as sharp as possible so as to short the pins of the BIOS chip as accurately as possible without damaging the motherboard
  4. Carefully examine and locate the Main BIOS and the Backup BIOS. They are usually next to each other;
  5. Find out where is pin#1 and pin#6 of the main BIOS (pin #1 should be marked with a red or white dot)
  6. Practice several times to ensure that the tweezer will short only pin#1 and pin#6 and not other pins. Bend  the tweezer pointer  if necessary to span across pin#1 and pin#6.
  7. Turn on the Power supply without pressing any button
  8. Carefully apply the tweezer to short pin#1 and pin#6 firmly.
  9. Press the power on button (get someone to help if necessary)
  10. Remove the tweezer once there is a beep or multiple beep sound from the speaker.  The multiple beep sound usually caused by faulty RAMS.

Hopefully,  one should  be greeted with the Gigabyte splash screen, or POST page after this.  Follow the instructions to load the backup BIOS. 

If all the above methods fail,  consider to send the board for RMA.

Important Update 1:- 3 Aug 2016

If one is using the On-Board Graphic system

1. Please note that it may be necessary to use a separate graphic card that has already got drivers installed earlier in the PC.  This is because when the BIOS is corrupted and immediately after  a reset,   a start up screen will always appear with option for users to select the way to optimise the BIOS.    This startup screen will not be shown by on-board graphic system as the BIOS has not yet been set up.    .     

Update:  29 Sept 2018 

If the recovery of Bios were to fail,  it may be possible that the bios chip has expired.   The older Bios chip has a life of around 10 years after which the chip's memory can no longer be re-programmed.  The  newer ones has longer life of around 18 to 20 years.   The only way is to replace the chip and re-programme it by downloading the Bios from the manufacturer's website.



  1. This article, it was really informative. Thanks for sharing..
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  2. I am so HAPPY!!!! So appreciated!!!!

    You know I almost ready to buy a new motherboard, but by this blog, this saved me.

    Hello! I am sO thankful to the one who knew, shared, & posted the 4 methods, also to this blog. I guess I already evaluated the 3rd method prior to this blog. By just method 1 & 2 made my Gigabyte Motherboard fixed and worked.

    My PC's issue was it will shutdown at the same specific time between 28-30 minutes exactly.

    Motherboard-> Gigabyte GA-B85M-HD3 rev. 1.1
    CPU -> i5
    RAM -> 12 GB
    HDD -> 1000 GB
    Video Card -> Nvidia GeForce GT 630 2GB
    Casing -> ATX gaming type
    PS -> about 600-650 WATTS capability

    -monitored CPU Temperature - mine about 40-49 degree celsius is just fine, I also added more thermal paste
    -power supply jumper test - waited more than 30 minutes but it was working
    -re-install OS - didn't work on my PC's issue
    -remove all peripherals - to make sure it's really the motherboard was not working, note: system can load or turn on just by the motherboard, powersupply, cpu, RAM

    I almost surrendered.
    It was about 2 weeks I've been trying to fix it.

    I was thinking method 1 & 2 was just nothing, I was trying to skip it also.
    But I was amazed by having this personality of keep trying, you know.


  3. It really works. Just take your time. It recovered my BIOS

  4. Thank you, very informative and worked for my problem.

  5. I love you guys!

  6. Method 1 works! Thanks

  7. My Gigabyte_GA-H110M-S2H got useless after getting a Windows 10 blue screen while updating the BIOS with @BIOS tool. Methode 4 was the only that worked. Amazing. Great thanks.

    1. How did you do the backup bios on that board? Was it just the single B Bios chip you had to short cause I don’t see a second chip.

    2. How did you do the backup bios on that board? Was it just the single B Bios chip you had to short cause I don’t see a second chip.

  8. I've forgotten the BIOS password.
    What should i do know?
    Please guide me

  9. Special thanks. It worked for Gigabyte B75M-D3V: Method 1>> Method 2

  10. How to reset Gigabyte h110m S2 from wrong bios settings

  11. my P55A-UD4P has these problem. I tried all the method but could get any to work..please help

    1. This method will not help when the Bios chip is faulty or there are some other problem with the motherboard. One might have to change the Bios chip and reload the Bios using programmers. Good to get someone who know how to reprogram the bios to help you

    2. After multiple attempts to re-set the BIOS, the option that finally worked, was the POWER & RESET button method. I got my PC back up.


  12. OMG !!... It's really working. I follow the steps and Short Pin 1 and 6. Then Restore backup ----> b_bios to m_bios. Thank You So much For the Help with this Tutorial...

    1. Do you really need to hear the sound? If you do, you really would need to plug internal speakers.

    2. I did on the main bios but still won't work will i have to do for backup bios after that. Issue has caused by updating new wimdows.

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  14. i am on the blue screen after the bios has been reset where it says bios has been reset - please decide how to continue
    But i cannot continue as the keyboard and mouse are usb and dont work so this is all i get after rebooting

    1. If you have the screen. most likely the bios is back in operation. If the bios is not corrupted which is unlikely, the next to suspect is the harddisk that would require attention. Try to run system recovery disk or the windows installation disk to see if you can recover the OS.

  15. Cmos battery is a memory used in all types of motherboard, if your system fails check the cmos battery is working properly

  16. My gigabyte GA-H16M-DS2 motherboard won't turn on it was fall in to Water unplugged after I dry it off for some hour's then it's no longer turn on, Pls can someone help me?

  17. Thank you .... After trying a range of other fixes, Method 1 worked for me and saved me going out and getting a new motherboard. If you have a Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H give it a go!

  18. Thank you very much! You helped me a lot with the 3rd method (the others did not work).

  19. I used the 4th method while the computer was off but plugged in. Now it just constantly beeps when i turn it on. What should I do?


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  22. thanks short pin 1 and 6 works with GA-H81M-S2PH motherboard

  23. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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  25. Thanks, You fixed my restating loop.

  26. Method 2 did work!! Well done and thanks for sharing. However, just to be more precise :
    1 - switch off at the mains
    2 - press power AND reset for 15 secs AND then switch on the computer FROM THE MAINS (still by holding the 2 buttons) - the computer will then switch off BY ITSELF
    3 - start the computer normally by using the power button on the front of the computer.
    Backup bios restored! (a message will come up saying that the current bios is corrupted and the backup bios will be restored!)

    1. Thanks,

      Method 2 did work for me also!

      The backup restored the F5 version. I Will be able updade to latest BIOS (F15)?

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  28. I could not get my bios to kick over... I was doing everything to avoid putting tweezers on my bios chip... ok, so it worked like magic when I got the guts to touch 1 and 6.... My board is back!!! thank you for this information! really truly thank you!!

  29. Thank you this article saved my butt also, and saved us a heap of money on buying new parts,i thought my MB was dead, now its working again!

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  32. Hi, thank you very much, procedure # 4 really works. However, only until I unplug the cable (if the cable is plugged in and turn the PC off and on, then everything is fine). After reconnecting and turning on, I have to reset again with the instructions, it looks like the BIOS only switched between backup and main (which is still unchanged and faulty). Do you think flash bios will help? Because setting the bios to default does not help.

  33. Hi. I have some doubt about method 4. The description says pins #1 and #6, but in the picture it looks like they are pins #1 and #5. So how should it be?

  34. Thanks for that I understand the mabuying explaination nice share knowledge 🙏🙏🙏

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  36. Very desperate to fix my grandmother's computer after messing with the wrong BIOS settings causing a terrible boot loop with no post screen (Secure boot, Intel PTT and something with platform keys). Methods #1 to #3 are very valid but did not work for me. In the end only method #4 helped me reach a post screen, the bios and even Windows. Though only for one boot cycle, after restarting the same boot loop cycle would return. So I downloaded the latest BIOS for my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-H110-S2PV) and put it on a USB stick. Then, once again using method #4 I booted into the BIOS and flashed it with the new version on the USB stick using Q-Flash. And boom, no more boot cycle, Main bios has been flashed and updated. Thanks you much for this guide, saved me 100 euros for a new 5 generation old motherboard.

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